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Commercial & Industrial

Whether conserving heat energy, protecting from frost or controlling condensation, Thermotel Ltd can expertly design and install thermal insulation in any environment. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

- Fibreglass

- Rocklap

- Koolphen

- Armaflex

- Foil Faced Finish

- Design, Installation & Maintenance.


In addition to being thermal insulation contractors, Thermotel Ltd can provide a trace heating service throughout London and the Home Counties.


Our highly skilled and experienced team will take you through a full site survey to establish your insulation requirements and suggest any additional works, including acoustic barriers or fire protection. You can trust the specialists at Thermotel Ltd to provide an excellent service.

Often working alongside major contractors, Thermotel Ltd in Essex provide thermal insulation systems to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Established in 1985 to provide thermal insulation to industrial and commercial clients, Thermotel Ltd have been regarded as one of the market leaders in the United Kingdom.  With our vast experience and expertise, we can offer superb quality engineering working from supply to execution.  We supply thermal insulation systems across Essex and the UK.

Thermal Insulation contractors throughout London and the Home Counties


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