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High-profile products, system solutions and optimised installation are a hallmark of our service. The correct choice of insulation and vapour barrier is essential. Thermotel Ltd have over 30 years' experience applying a range of insulation notably:

- Foamglass.

- Nilfam Rubber.

- Phenolic

- Mineral wool


Mechanical and weather protection to the installed insulation is achieved by the application of specified cladding materials, which include:

- Stainless Steel.

- Aluminised Steel.

- Aluzink.

- Butyl Rubber (PIB)

- Wraptec

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Thermotel Ltd have a highly skilled and experienced team, qualified to provide a comprehensive refrigeration insulation service. Contact us in and around Essex

Ensuring that refrigeration systems remain energy efficient can save

thousands of pounds a year. Thermotel have vast experience in insulating

extremely cold pipework and vessels for the refrigeration industry. We

provide the complete package from the design of the insulation system to

execution and maintenance. Under insulation corrosion is the death blow for

any system, picking a trusted and experienced insulation company is

necessary to ensure long and efficient life spans. We work very closely

with all major manufactures and have pioneered products such as Wraptec for

use as an extremely durable vapour barrier. We work closely with all

technical departments and ensure that all specifications meet and exceed



Refrigeration Pipework in London and the Home Counties

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