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Crosstalk attenuators for an industry

Efficient & Cost Effective

The size and configuration range of attenuators is unlimited, and the materials available include:

- Pre-galvanised Steel.

- Stainless Steel.

- Marine-grade Aluminium Alloy.

- Plastics.


Decorative and protective finishes can also be applied before dispatch.


Using our bespoke software packages, the most efficient and cost-effective solutions can quickly be selected. Flexible, modern manufacturing methods mean lead times can be short, despite the unique nature of our product.


Contact Thermotel Ltd in Essex to discuss your business requirements.


Thermotel Ltd offer a range of attenuator configurations across London and the Home Counties to ensure that on site restrictions are fully catered for.

Thermotel Ltd supply and install a range of crosstalk attenuators designed to avoid noise interference between interconnected rooms. Airflow is permitted whilst noise transfer is limited. Attenuators and loose splitters are available throughout London and the surrounding area.

Crosstalk Attenuators in London and the Home Counties

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