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Acoustic barriers are ideal for ground level, road, rail, bridges and rooftop community noise control applications. Our products protect communities from unwanted noise generated from roads, railways and airports. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and can carry a range of finishes that blend in with local surroundings. Services include:

- Acoustic Wall Solutions.

- Acoustic Floors.

- Acoustic Ceiling Products.

- Acoustic Facings & Ancillaries.


Prior to undertaking any commercial or industrial project, Thermotel Ltd carry out an acoustic and visual impact assessment of your facility.


To safeguard and protect your property, contact Thermotel Ltd for further information.


Experts in acoustic insulation, sound absorption and reverberation. Contact us for service in London and the Home Counties.

Unwanted noise is one thing, industrial noise is something else entirely. High performance acoustic barriers offer an effective solution to reduce environmental noise pollution. Thermotel Ltd can design and implement the perfect soundproofing system for your business in Essex.

Acoustic Barriers in London and the Home Counties

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